Returnable Glass Bottle Ink Market Prevalent Opportunities up to 2029

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Global Returnable Glass Bottle Ink Market: Overview

Returnable glass bottle inks enables the reuse of bottles in the beverage industry. Returnable glass bottle ink is used to print date codes and batch numbers and are returned after use. Returnable glass bottle ink is then removed in the bottle washing process which enables new batch numbers and codes to be printed on to them. The reuse of glass beverage bottles has a significant impact on environment. In Europe all of the glass bottles are recycled which makes fewer bottles to be manufactured. This initiative saves significant amounts of resources and energy over all the benefits of recycling. Returnable glass bottle ink is one such solution that minimizes the impact of soft drinks packaging on environment. With returnable glass bottle inks, the codes printed are more durable than printed with other inks. Returnable glass bottle ink is available in two colors, black and white. Linx Printing Technologies has introduced black returnable glass bottle ink. Returnable glass bottle ink can be printed on glass in humid and cold-fill bottling environments. Returnable glass bottle ink is designed to cope up with the difficulties of providing legible and clear codes for the glass bottles. Returnable glass bottle ink resists removal when the glass bottles are subjected to ice water, pasteurization, stored in warehouses or refrigerated. For every glass bottle that gets reused, one less bottle has to be manufactured. Returnable glass bottle ink helps glass bottles to be reused multiple times and only a few have to be manufactured every year. Returnable glass bottle ink market is expected to witness a lucrative growth due to number of benefits provided by it including recycling of glass bottles, minimizes huge number of production of bottles each year and avoids plastic waste.

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Global Returnable Glass Bottle Ink Market: Dynamics

Returnable glass bottle inks to witness lucrative growth due to the significant environmental benefits. Many beverage packaging manufacturers are looking for solutions that minimize the impact of beverage packaging on the environment. More and more beverage brands are seeking opportunity in introducing effective solution for the reuse of bottles. Domino Printing Sciences, one of the manufacturers of returnable glass bottle ink and provider of marking and coding solutions for the beverage industry has introduced an alkali-washable, high-contrast yellow returnable glass bottle ink. This particular returnable glass bottle ink is designed to be printed on dark colored surfaces. Returnable glass bottle ink has a fast dry property which do not erase even where surface condensation is present. The new trends in beverage packaging include structure modification, improved conservation of beverages, development of new systems that interact with the products and its environment. According to many surveys conducted in Europe, 91% of the people want a scheme that enables the reuse of glass bottles. With the help of returnable glass bottle ink reusable containers and glass bottles can be used without having the codes smudges or rubbed off during processing or at the shelves. The returnable glass bottle ink benefits include the less energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission and reduction of solid waste. Glass bottles are highly used to package soft drinks and beers. Despite the positive outlook of the returnable glass bottle ink, if the ink has poor adhesion it can easily during wash down and may result in missing and unreadable codes.

Global Returnable Glass Bottle Ink Market: Regional Outlook

The beverage industry in the Germany and U.S is very advanced and accounts for a major share as compared to other countries. The Germany and U.S are the markets with a mature customer base, and account for a large share of the global returnable glass bottle ink market throughout the forecast period. The returnable glass bottle ink market in countries, such as China, India, Malaysia and Japan, is expected to experience high growth as the beverage industry in these countries is facing a huge growth. The Northern Africa returnable glass bottle ink market is also expected to gain traction over the forecast period due to the increasing popularity of the non-alcoholic beverages in reusable glass bottles. However, developed countries including U.K, Germany, Russia, and Spain are expected to experience relatively slower growth as compared to developing ASEAN countries.

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Global Returnable Glass Bottle Ink Market: Key Players

  • Linx Printing technologies
  • Domino Printing Sciences
  • Videojet
  • Markem Imaje