Water Dissolvable Labels Market to Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2029

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Global Water Dissolvable Labels Market: Overview

Water dissolvable labels are used for temporary applications such as re-identification and re-use applications. Water dissolvable labels provide easy removal and help in reduction of waste. Water dissolvable labels are used in applications including glassware labeling, animal housing identification, temporary asset tracking, home & general use, laboratories, and transport & logistics. Water dissolvable labels provide a combination of fixed and dynamic information that allows customers to get the labels printed according to their design requirements. Water dissolvable labels made from paper dissolve in the warm water within 30 seconds without damaging the surface on which it was stuck on and does not leave any sticky adhesive residue. Water dissolvable labels are self-adhesive and easy to apply. Water dissolvable labels reduces the labor required to remove the labels and enables re-identification of reusable items. The water dissolvable labels adhere to substances like stainless steel, glass, aluminum, plastic and others. Water dissolvable labels are an ideal choice when it comes to short term identification for crates, containers, and glassware with a minimum of waste. Water dissolvable labels are used in food rotation and food safety labels, food tray markings & identification, container labeling and temporary retail labeling on jars, plates, cups etc. Water dissolvable labels are ideal to label items that need new identification after every use.

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Global Water Dissolvable Labels Market: Dynamics

Water dissolvable labels can adhere to surfaces including plastic, glass, stainless steel etc. making it versatile. The application temperature ranges from –40°F to +172°F. The end use of water dissolvable labels include hand-written with food type, expiry date and other information in restaurants and food industries. The factors influencing the growth of water dissolvable labels are reduction of labor required to remove labels, reduced maintenance of filters and drains, easy removal and re-identification of products. Cost-effective and versatile solution provided by water dissolvable labels fuels the demand for labels during the forecast period. Water dissolvable labels allow containers to be re-used and re-labeled by simply passing them through running water. Water dissolvable labels helps in protecting confidential information as well destroying them. Water dissolvable labels in food rotation application drives the growth for labels in the global market. Water dissolvable pressure sensitive labels provides restaurateurs more flexibility with food rotation labels. Water dissolvable labels produce easy removal from food containers at the restaurants and reduces time. Water dissolvable labels eliminate the extra time need to scrub the labels and improves the speed of work. The eco-friendly nature of water dissolvable labels drives the label market across the globe during the forecast period. The increasing food services in the developed countries as well as emerging countries drives the market for water dissolvable labels as food rotation labels.

Global Water Dissolvable Labels Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the water dissolvable labels market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania and Middle East & Africa (MEA). The US & Germany is expected to be a mature market in the water dissolvable labels market. While, the India & China are expected to witness the maximum growth of water dissolvable labels during the forecast period mainly due to the rapid growth in the food service industry in the developing economies. The growing awareness for plastic labels causing harm to the environment and growth trends in the dissolvable paper labels driving the demand of water dissolvable labels in these developing nations. GCC Countries and South Africa are also expected to experience an above average growth in the water dissolvable labels.

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Global Water Dissolvable Labels Market: Key Manufacturers

  • Stranco
  • Brady Worldwide Inc.
  • Avantar
  • Shenzhen Mibils Precision Co.,Ltd
  • GA International Labtag
  • River Labels & Labeling Ltd.
  • 3 Sigma