Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market Demand & Growth Analysis, Industry Trends and Key Opportunities by 2028

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Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market: Introduction

Geosynthetics materials are widely used in infrastructural projects. They are mainly used for the purpose of subgrade separation, base reinforcement, filtration and stabilisation and drainage facility along with overlay stress absorption and reinforcement. Separation is a method of breaking contact between two or more surfaces or materials. Often, the separation of different layers or course granules is desired while construction. Generally, in the construction of rail tracks, roads, shallow foundations and embankments, a layer of geosynthetic material is placed at the interface of soft foundation, soil and the overlying granular layer. This is essential for reinforcement and proper stress distribution among the layers. Filtration restricts the movement of soil while it allows water to move from the filtered soil to the coarser soil adjacent to it. Lateral drainage or transmission is applied at the place of lateral movement of water within the plane of the geosynthetics. The reinforcement geosynthetics material is the addition of structural and load-carrying capacity to a pavement system for the transfer of load to the geosynthetics material.

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Reinforcement geosynthetics are used to provide strength to the base structure as they improve the mechanical properties of a soil mass. When reinforcement geosynthetics are combined with soil, they form reinforced soil composites having high compressive and tensile strengths. In this procedure, reinforcement geosynthetics act as tensioned members, coupled with the fill material/soil, by friction, adhesion, interlocking or confinement and thus maintains the stability in the soil mass.

Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market:Dynamics

Over the recent past, the growth of the reinforcement geosynthetics market has been supported by ongoing infrastructure projects such as high-speed train projects, owing to which the rail sector is expected to register double-digit growth during the initial part of the forecast period. Also, every year, thousands of acres of land is exposed to soil erosion, either through wind or water, as soil erosion is a natural process that has been shaping agricultural landscape across the globe. Governments and regional landowners are taking measures for the confinement of land, especially in the hilly and peninsular areas that are prone to be affected by heavy rainfall or storms, in turn, creating significant demand for geosynthetics in erosion control applications.

Despite the several advantages of reinforcement geosynthetics in construction, the usage of reinforcement geosynthetics is mainly affected by the fluctuating price of raw materials since it directly affects the overall cost of construction. For instance, the construction of roads, canals, dams or any other projects may require the application of several layers of different reinforcement geosynthetics. Also, the application of reinforcement geosynthetics requires high-cost specialized equipment and highly skilled personnel, which further increases the cost of construction, thereby restraining the growth of the reinforcement geosynthetics market. However, the current trend to use superior technology for better results is expected to surge the demand for reinforcement geosynthetics during the forecast period.

Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market:Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the reinforcement geosynthetics market has been segmented as:

  • Geotextiles reinforcement geosynthetics
  • Geo-composites Reinforcement Geosynthetics
  • Geofoam reinforcement geosynthetics

On the basis of application, the reinforcement geosynthetics market has been segmentedas:

  • Road construction & embankment
  • Bridges abutment & infilling
  • Landfill & erosion control
  • Railways construction
  • Structural base infill
  • Retaining walls
  • Waterworks and waste treatments
  • Others

Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of demand, Asia Pacific holds a significant share in the global reinforcement geosynthetics market, owing to the huge investments in infrastructural projects, environment and waste management. China is expected to hold the lion’s share for reinforcement geosynthetics in Asia Pacific. However, developing countries such as South Korea, Malaysia and India are expected to gain market share, due to the large upcoming infrastructure projects. Asia Pacific, followed by North America, is expected to hold a significant market share in the global reinforcement geosynthetics market. The rest of the world is estimated to account for a relatively small share of the reinforcement geosynthetics market.

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Reinforcement Geosynthetics Market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants operating across the value chain of the global reinforcement geosynthetics market are:

  • NAUE Gmbh & Co. KG.
  • GSE Environmental, Inc.
  • Officine Maccaferri S.p.A.
  • Low & Bonar Plc
  • HUESKER Synthetic GmbH
  • Wacker Chemie AG
  • TenCate Geosynthetics
  • Tensar Corporation
  • Koninklijke Ten Cate B.V.