Edible Labels Market Foreseen to Grow exponentially over 2018 – 2026

Press Release

Market Outlook

Edible labels are mostly wafers that are made from water, maltodextrin, potato starch, and olive oil as a processing aid. They are an innovative solution offered by the food industry to fulfill the demands of sustainable and environment-friendly packaging. The edible branding by edible labels has now expanded from cakes, bread, and biscuits to other products such as turkeys, meatballs, fruits and vegetables, cheese, salmon and many more. These edible labels are available in the market with additional natural and edible colours and inks as ingredients which help edible labels manufacturers increase their variety of designs in edible labels that can be customized or personalized as required by the customer. In a broader perspective, edible labels form a part of edible packaging which is eco-friendly as it helps generate less or zero wastage. Consequently, the edible labels market is attracting a wider consumer base as more and more food and beverage market players are trying to incorporate edible packaging with edible labels for sustainable development.

Increasing Demand By Food Manufacturers For Edible Labels For Being Economic And User-Friendly

The major share of the distribution channel segment of edible labels is shared by direct consumption by the food and beverage industry, bakeries and confectioneries to be more specific. Edible labels are helping food manufacturers set their product different from the rest and at the same time fit into the circular economy with their biodegradable edible labels. More importantly, edible labels offer a very economical packaging solution compared to other conventional ways of labeling by plastics and papers. This helps the manufacturers with cost savings and attract more customers who appreciate such eco-friendly steps taken by the manufacturers and easily buy their products more as compared to others with regular packaging. Moreover, the production of edible labels becomes costlier as the manufacturers have to maintain strict hygienic standards in order to be recognized safe for consumption by regulatory norms such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Edible Labels Market: Segmentation:

On the basis of end-use industries –

  • Food and Beverage
    • Bakery
    • Confectionery
    • Others

On the basis of the nature of production-

  • Conventional
  • Organic

On the basis of composition-

  • Cut-out
  • Printed
  • Multi-colored

On the basis of application-

  • Before baking
  • Post-baking

On the basis of type-

  • Customized
  • Personalized

Edible Labels Market:

The edible labels market is currently lagging in the number of market players. However, some of the key market participants identified are EdiblePictures.Net, Primus Wafer Paper B.V., breAD. & Edible labels Ltd., Bormann, MonoSol LLC, and others.

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Edible Labels Market: Key Developments

The market for edible labels is developing developments made by its key participants. For instance, breAd. & edible labels sro has implemented a project entitled “Acquisition of technologies by breAd. & edible labels “in order to accomplish aims such expansion of the consumer base, increasing competitiveness in the food industry and increase sales of the company. The company plans to do so by acquiring six pieces of production technology for the production of edible labels. These technologies will help the company change its production process and efficiency.

One other key player of the edible labels market Primus Wafer Paper has employed e-commerce and a new production department with fast printers that has convincingly increased the company’s first quarter turnover in the year 2018.

Opportunities For Edible Labels Market Participants

The market is still in introductory phase even in regions such as North America and Western Europe. Therefore, widespread promotion and implementation of better advertising for edible labels will help reach other players of the food and beverage industry that are left untouched by the edible labels market. Also, regions such as the Middle East and Latin America, where bakery products are a staple, offer great potential to the edible labels market for growth. It can further expand its utility in segments other than bakery and confectioneries by providing certified labels suitable for fruits and vegetables and others. The market for edible labels is poised to grow with the entry of a higher number of market players.

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