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Improved Security System in E-Sim Card Technology as Compared to old Conventional Sim is driving the growth.

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Global E-Sim Card Market Overview

E-Sim Card is just similar to near field communication system that can be used to make calls and access the payment gateways.E-Sim Card is not as old conventional Sim cards that requires space for installing the physical Sim but E-Sim Card is already embedded inside the smart phones or tablets.E-Sim card is currently supported in iPhone tablets and smart phones such as XS, XR and XS max other than that I phone Google pixel is also supporting the new trend of Sim card technology.

This new innovation in E-Sim Card has led the manufacturers to create new designs of phone to provide extra space for battery and other accessories.E- Sim card can help to migrate from one network operator to another network operators in real time access without paying for international roaming charges.E-Sim card system provides better safety and security with electronic based vehicles and machines.

Market Forecast Overview

The global E-Sim Card market is expected to grow from to USD 19 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 14% from 2018–2027.

Asia pacific is expected to hold the largest market share for E-Sim card market in forecasted period on the back of early trend of adopting and changing new technological and advanced phone that have embedded system for E-Sim cards in phones.

Europe is expected to witness the steady growth in global E-Sim Card market backed by ease of changing the network/operators of mobile phones in real time access.In Latin America countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile are expected to witness significant market demand for organizations involved in E-Sim Card market.

Middle East and Africa region is also expected to showcase the slow growth in market on the advent of embedded Sim rather than physical Sim card , which can get damage at time of changing the phones.

Growth Drivers

Ability to change the network provider and avoiding the loss of money from international roaming is one the major reason for vigorous growth in the market.

Reducing the operational and logistics costs by decreasing the stores and personal executives in stores is propelling the escalating growth of market in future. Additionally, having smart meters and connected cars has positively supported for the growth of market.

Increase in security and safety purposes on E-Sim card is anticipated to drive growth in the market during the forecast period. Additionally, increase in space of smart phone and tablets after enhancement of design with embedded Sim card is also supporting for the growth of market in forecasted period.

Increase in advanced electronic vehicles backed by installation of E-Sim management system from automotive industry is also driving the growth of market in future.


Adoption of E-Sim Cards by multinational organizations will restrain growth of the market as it prevents consumers from directly visiting the network providers store and loose authority over price negotiation.

Ability to Switch Between Network Providers Helps the Market to Grow

The ease of operating and changing the network at real time over the air is driving the market growth in future. Additionally, ability to change the network provider and avoiding the loss from international roaming is also anticipating for the growth of market.

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Increment in phone space for battery storage

Rising innovation technology of E-Sim card is helping the mobile manufacturers to have a space for increasing the battery size of the phone and utilize the space for other purpose that supports the growth of global E-Sim card market.

Rise in automotive industry

Automotive industry is driving the growth for E-Sim Card market backed by increasing production of electronic based advanced electrical vehicles by the manufacturers of automobile industry.

Major Key players

  • Infineon Technologies
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • STMicroelectronics
  • NXP Semiconductors